Hi ^^

I am Tamara Bernad, a mobile app developer based in Barcelona Stockholm. I am working at Code d’Azur where I am working already for a bit more than 5 years. I began at Code d’Azur Amsterdam as Flash developer, technology I’ve been working a lot with. Lots of nice and challenging campagne sites and websites, facebook apps, hyves apps…

Developing is the main interest I spend my time on, but not the only… Love music, I am lead singer in a metal band called Steel God, please give it a few minutes and check it out at steelgod.net you’ll see, its pretty melodic (just in case metal music is not so much your thing). Although I am not only into metal music, as my sing teacher is Jazz singer, sometimes she takes me with her to some shows and let me sing with her. Recently I’ve created a soundcloud account just to play around, and yes… I am gonna ask again… please check it out at: http://soundcloud.com/tamara_bernad.

Lately I am more focused on mobile app development, which I am enjoying a lot. You can take a look at my portfolio and see a selection of mobile and web apps I have developed. Most of them in the companies I’ve been working at, but also some personal projects. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi send me a message at info[at]tamarabernad.com.

Thanks for reading through, have a nice day! :)